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The Ruaha Conservation Fund (RCF) is a new NGO founded by Dr. Dulle, who is a senior Veterinary Officer in the Veterinary Investigation Center in Iringa, Tanzania.

Dr. Dulle joined me with my work with the Friends of Ruaha Society (FORS) in 1999. He worked tirelessly with FORS, illuminating urgent village issues. He was also, among many other things, the founder of the successful Environmental Education Program that FORS continues to administer. Additionally, he is the veterinary adviser to Ruaha National Park.

Both Dr. Dulle and I left FORS in May 2005. As a result of this, in order that he could continue his work with the village communities adjacent to Ruaha Park, he has decided to begin his own NGO, the Ruaha Conservation Fund (RCF). The programs currently started by the RCF are outlined here on my website.

I fully support this Fund and I am a part of it in an advisory capacity. The Fund is 100% Tanzanian. I will continue with my community efforts in the areas surrounding the Ruaha Park and the park itself through RCF.

-Sue Stolberger


Fund Details:
Registered on the 7th November 2005
Registration No:- 00NGO/0509
Founder:- Dr. Charles Dulle

All of the environmental programs (and more not mentioned here) require funding, so if you are interested in assisting us with these valuable programs please do not hesitate to contact me at

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