Magangwe Camp

Nov 2006-?

New Photos

In 2006, the camp where Sue lived on the banks of the Great Ruaha River was drastically changed by the falling of a tree, right onto her kitchen. The tree had been a major feature of the camp, providing shade and attracting many birds. Without it, the location just wasn't the same. Sue and her partner, Rob Glen, with the permission of the park, decided to relocate to a more remote part of Ruaha National Park called Magangwe. Here are photos from the new camp.

Construction started in November 2006

Sue's new living quearters

Camp in the wet season

The rebuilt kitchen

Solar panels for computers, radios, and refrigerator

Rob on the track from his camp to Sue's

Rob relaxing in camp

Camp visitors

More camp visitors

Sue's studio

Sue's tools and works in progress

Sue's works in progress

Sue at work in her studio

The view from Sue's studio

Sue at work

Getting around in the wet season


Recently Added Photos (Feb 2008)

View from Sue's tent January 2008

Eulophia Ground Orchid

Gladioli in the foreground

Small Orange Gladioli

Ruaha's Gladioli


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