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Idodi Primary School in conjunction with the Village Chairman and other leaders held an official opening for the EMI tree planting program. The event was held in the school grounds. They had invited other dignitaries and primary schools, plus supporters and guests, who were entertained by singers, dancers and a short, very amusing play done by the primary school children.

The purpose of the event was to inform everyone of the latest EMI efforts. They have so far, managed to propagate over 29,000 tree seedlings. These seedlings will be distributed amongst the community. Two trees will be given to every household. They will also be planting about 5 trees in the spaces between groups of houses. They will also plant trees along all road-sides within the village. Two acres of trees will be planted in an area that has been degraded.

The official day for planting the trees will be January the 1st 2006. This coincides with the rainy season, and Tanzanias' official 'tree planting day'. The day ended with a grand football match Idodi against Ruaha National Park Rangers.

This gala event will become an annual fixture, prizes will be awarded next year to the 'greenest' homestead, the jurors will be looking for those who have, from their own initiative, planted more trees than those already given out.


UPDATE: 16 January 2006

On the 1st of January 2006 which is the national tree planting day in
Tanzania, EMI had organized a grand tree planting ceremony. This was
to be the day to plant out the 30,000 tree seedlings which EMI had
grown for the Idodi Village people and the schools.

Officials from Iringa District had been invited to attend, and there
was a huge turn out from the local community. Mdonya Old River Camp
also sent a delegate of guests to attend the ceremony, the event was
enjoyed by all. It was said that the District Officials were very
impressed and heartened to see how many trees had been raised and
how well the event had been organized.

However, there was an overall agreement that only a few 'token'
trees would be planted on this day as the lack of rain was so serious
it would not be wise to plant the young trees at this time. When
the rain starts in earnest rest of the 29,950 trees will be

All of the programs (and more not mentioned here) require funding, so if
you are interested in assisting us with these valuable programs please
do not hesitate to contact me at

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