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"The Ruaha Sketch Book" (2003)
Susan Stolberger: Author & Illustrator

In "The Ruaha Sketch Book", Susan has managed to capture with her brush delightful moments and very special thoughts of the ever-unfolding environment around her. This is a highly visual account captured with pencil sketches and water colours which depict the seasonal variations within the Ruaha National Park. This book is a tribute to one of Africa's last remaining wildernesses.

The book has 220 pages (27cm x 29cm) and over 200 water colour studies together with numerous pencil sketches throughout the text. The book is limited to 1000 copies case bound in Snowdon Linen bookcloth, head and tail bands with a ribbon book mark (ISBN 0-620-29256-3).

The cost including postage and packing from UK is as follows:-

ISBN 0-620-29256-3
UK and Northern Ireland - £83.50 or US$130
Southern Ireland & Europe - £85.00 or US$148
USA and other countries - £94.00 or US$153

To order the book, e-mail Sue at


Ruaha National Park, ' An Intimate View'

Ruaha National Park, ' An Intimate View'

A Field Guide to the common trees, flowers, and small creatures of southern Tanzania.

"An Intimate View" is an easy to read book on the common trees, flowers, butterflies and insects plus many other random topics of interest. Many of these species in this book are found all over Tanzania including Kenya and Zambia.

It has 470 pages and is packed with full colour photos.

The book can be obtained in book shops around Tanzania, Dar es Salaam, Iringa, Arusha, and in Ruaha National Park.

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